What Vegans Eat – Day 1011


Breakfast: I woke at my parents’ home and got ready for another day at the hospital. I am so grateful for Rolled Oats. It is an easy breakfast that keeps me nourished for a long time. Mom had defrosted some frozen Strawberries a few days ago. They are so good this way, sweet and syrupy. I put them on the Oats with Raisins, Walnuts and Almond Milk. I also asked my mom to make me a cup of decaffeinated Black Tea with Lemon. She makes a good cup of tea! I wanted to go alone to the hospital and have a friend bring her later but she insisted going with me. I couldn’t say no.
This was a double Rabbi day. Rabbi Buechler came from the Dix Hills Jewish Center to visit my dad and give him a blessing. Later on my parents’ dear friend Edythe and Rabbi Maza came to visit. Rabbi Maza was their rabbi when they were members of Suffolk Jewish Center when I was growing up and they all became close friends. He gave Dad a second blessing.
Later in the day Dad was not doing well. His blood pressure dropped and the medical staff rushed in his room, doing something they call a rapid. Once things were stable he was moved to the ICU.
Dinner: Gary took a train and met us at the hospital. I was glad to have him there to help out. One of my oldest friends, Elyse, also came to visit. I was so touched and comforted with her presence. I was getting hungry. A couple of months ago I had brought my dad to the ER for a transfusion. My mom and I took a dinner break and I found Hama Sushi nearby. I was dreaming about eating there again. I left mom at the hospital with Elyse and Gary and I went to Hama Sushi for take out. When we returned Gary watched my dad and I took Mom and Elyse to the snack shop where we could eat. I had the Vegetable Sushi made with Black Rice.
I brought Vegetable Tempura and Tofu with Vegetables for Mom and Elyse. When we were done, Gary had his break and had Vegetable Sushi too with Brown Rice.
My sister and brother-in-law flew in from Florida and stayed with Mom for the night. Gary and I went home. Tomorrow is another day, in the ICU.

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