What Vegans Eat – Day 1021


Breakfast: It was good to go home last night after the memorial for my dad and get a good night’s sleep. I needed it barely. We woke and enjoyed the basics – Oatmeal piled with Blueberries and Flax Seeds.
Dinner: I drove to mom’s house after breakfast. My sister, mom and I had a lot to do. There were many papers to sign and forms to fill out to get all the finances in order since my dad died on Wednesday. I was planning to make them dinner but we were so hungry when we left the last appointment at around 5pm we went to Jani’s in South Huntington for dinner. Lori and I ordered the same, Steamed Vegetables with Brown Rice. I had asked for “added Tofu” but the server thought I said “no tofu”. The tofu came later and we ate it separately. We were so hungry it didn’t matter.
Evening: I spent a few hours at the Apple store with my beloved 2011 Macbook Pro which has been in a coma since mid-October. I have not been able to deal with it until now. Thankfully I have been able to do my work on Gary’s Macbook but I would like to get mine back up and running. Eddy at the Apple Store was very helpful and ran many diagnostic tests before determining the problem was indeed the hard drive and not the logic board. I went home and ordered a hard drive that Gary agreed to pick up for me tomorrow. Stay tuned. When I got back to mom’s house, I made a smoothie using the bag of fruit from the fruit platter we had at the memorial gathering. It had Pineapple, Melon, Oranges and Strawberries. I add Almond Milk to it. There was plenty leftover for tomorrow’s breakfast.
Still hungry, I took a little Hummus with Crackers and Plantain Chips.

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