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  1. Caryn:

    I was thinking about you today and thought, “Gee, haven’t seen Caryn in FB in ages.” So, I went to your page and I was terribly sad to learn about your Dad’s recent passing.

    Since we grew up near one another, I was waiting for your Dad’s quotes–they were the same as my Dad’s!

    Holding you and your family in the light.

    I did cry listening to your Dad’s recording. So sweet.

    Your words are beautiful.


    Char Nolan

    • Dear Char,

      Thank you for your thoughtful, kind words. We’ll have to review those expression both our dads used!


  2. Great podcast Caryn, so may great memories of your Dad (Uncle Hal) and food especially sitting next to him in quite a few restaurants and listening to him order and seeing how patient the wait staff can be. He will be truly missed for that and so much more! Much Love!

    • Thanks for listening, Jeffrey the cousin! Yes, so many great memories. I had many memories on Friday looking at your mom’s gravestone as we buried my dad.

  3. Sweet memories for the most part. Your grandfather’s story was interesting yet must have been devastating for your dad.
    I remember Chinese food in those covered dishes with my own family growing up in Boston.
    First memory of eating Chinese food; my brother Lincoln and I (about 7 & 8 years old) were sitting in our own booth because there wasn’t enough room for us with my family. He instructed me that the no handle little teacups were for washing our hands before eating. LOL.

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