What Vegans Eat – Day 1020


Breakfast: We are coping. There has been so much to do and no time to grieve. I hope sometime soon to take some peaceful, quiet time and think about my dad. Today we’d be sitting Shiva at my mom’s home. Gary and I had Grapefruit and Cold Rolled Oats with Raspberries, Bananas, Almonds and Soy Milk.
Lunch: We did not have the time or energy to prepare any more food and fortunately there was some leftover from Friday. We returned to mom’s home with Garlic Hummus, Olives, Crudités and Cheezehound vegan Cheeses. On the way we picked up some gorgeous vegan, gluten-free cookies from Bare Buns Bakery in Plainview, NY, and Gluten-free Crackers, organic Strawberries and Grapes at a grocery store.
Dinner: There was a lot of love in the house for a long time. Many friends and family members came to pay their respects. My second cousin Aimee brought vegan Vegetable Curry and Rice. I was grateful for that! I had also brought with me one of the frozen Green Smoothies I had made a few days ago, a small gift to myself, to stay healthy and strong.

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