What Vegans Eat – Day 1023


Breakfast: The plan today was to take my parents’ two cars to the Toyota store in Huntington for tune ups. They both had maintenance check lights lit on the dashboards. My dad used to bring his cars to this place and I could understand why he liked it. It was a big operation with a well-lit, comfortable waiting room complete with Wi-Fi. My dad would not have been interested in that. No, he loved the complementary coffee and bagels. Gary and I passed on the food and got to work while we waited for the cars to get their workouts.
Lunch: We stopped in my mom to take her to lunch but she wasn’t in the mood to go. She’s been a widow for a week now and she needs time alone. I took Gary to Plant Wise. I had been there once before and wanted him to try it. I got the Combo 1 Plate with Tomato Chickpea Bowl and the Modern Greek Salad.
Gary went with the Hummus and Falafel Wrap. We were both so hungry when we got there. We both got Green Juices. We used to drink green juice every day. We may have to get back to that – these were so good. When we finished we couldn’t believe how stuffed we were. There was no room for anything else. That’s garbanzo beans for you, they fill you up.
Dinner: Gary made Potato Skins topped with Creamy Pesto and the remainder of Cheezehound Mozzarella made with Macadamia Nuts. We also had a Lacinato Kale Salad and what was left of the Rice Blend and Collard Greens Sauté.

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