What Vegans Eat – Day 1024


Breakfast: We are leaving tomorrow for California. It’s a mad rush to get everything done before we leave. It’s always hectic preparing for a trip but with my dad passing last week everything is more difficult. And with my laptop crashing a month ago, things are harder. Gary picked up a new hard drive for my computer yesterday and I tried to install it but I didn’t have the right tools. I needed a Torx T6. Do you have one? Fortunately, our porter came up to finish some repairs on our terrace and I asked him if he had the tool I needed. He came back with it later. I was so grateful! This saved me a lot of time and I didn’t have to go and buy it at Home Depot. For breakfast, Gary made Oatmeal and Polenta Cereal. I love this mix. He put out all over standard toppings – Nuts and Seeds, Cacao Nibs and Blueberries, but I was in the mood to have it plain. I ate some Blueberries afterwards.
Lunch: It was my last visit with mom before leaving for 3 weeks for California. I was waiting for a delivery there to put together something for my mom. While waiting I ate what was left of a salad that was in the refrigerator adding Walnuts and Chopped Onions to it. I poured a lot of Balsamic Vinegar over it.
Dinner: After the package came I rushed to assemble it. Then I ran to the Genius Bar to get a new operating system installed on my computer. I have to say my two appointments at the Genius Bar have been wonderful and they didn’t charge me for anything! I got back to the apartment late and Gary had dinner ready: Green Beans with Onions and leftover Potato Skins.
With all the remaining fresh produce he made Green Juice. This one was spicy with onions in it.

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