What Vegans Eat – Day 1027, Travel Edition


Breakfast: The challenge is eating well, not in restaurants, while here in San Jose. There isn’t much room to store food in the pool house we are staying in, especially in the small refrigerator. One of the co-producers of The Music Man gave us a bag of goodies to nourish us: Bananas, Blueberries, Crackers, a Nut and Dried Fruit mix, Farro and Black Bean Pasta. We had enough Rolled Oats from yesterday to make Oatmeal and topped it with our gifted box of Blueberries.
Lunch: Gary was off visiting his dad and doing a variety of tasks on our day off before The Music Man rehearsals start tomorrow. I worked feverishly to get my recently repaired laptop back in working order, moving files around that I had used when borrowing Gary’s computer. I don’t like being disorganized and working without my computer for over a month has been unsettling. I took a break for lunch and reheated the leftover Flying Buddha Soup from the Vegetarian House.
Dinner: We are still tired and jet lagged. Gary came back to the pool house and we both needed to eat, fast. Gary had brought in several bags of groceries but we both agreed we’d go out tonight. Andalé Mexican Restaurant in downtown Los Gatos was the answer. I got the Veggie Burrito (no cheese) and I gave my chips to Gary.
Gary went for the Fajita-style Tofu Burrito. I like the condiments at Andalé that you can dish into small bowls. We chose Raw Onions, the Peanut Sauce and several Salsas.

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