What Vegans Eat – Day 1034, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Sunday… my day off! It’s really a day off today. I began by meeting my dear friend Nancy who lives in San Francisco for breakfast. We met half way at a Hobee’s in Belmont. We both got the Tofu Scramble, mine with salty seasoning. We talked a lot about my dad who died a few weeks ago. It was good to talk but at the same time it brought up my sadness.
Lunch: When I got back to Monte Sereno Gary had everything packed and ready to go and the pool house was all cleaned up. We were moving from Gary’s brother’s place to his sister’s house in San Jose, which happens to be very close to where we are directing The Music Man. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to be out in it. After loading up the car Gary needed nourishment and I was still hungry! We did a repeat on the smoothies at Whole Foods.
Tea Break: Not ready to check in to our next destination we rolled over to Roy’s Station and had some teas. My choice is a Matte Chino with Soy.
Dinner: We got to Gary’s sister and brother-in-law’s home and unloaded. We thought we would take Deb and Allen out for dinner but somehow that never happened. Allen offered to pour me a whiskey and I accepted. Ever since my dad died I have been wanting to have a grieving moment with whiskey! The time had come.
Allen had an excellent Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey. He poured liberally. We sat an drank outside on a table in front of the house and some of the neighbors joined in. We were having a party!
Deb brought out Almonds, Dried Fruits and Biscotti to nosh on.
Later on some Pizza and Salad were ordered. I didn’t want to have pizza, I don’t do well with gluten. I began with Salad.
Deb warmed up some Tuscan Bean Soup she had made with lots of basil. It was delicious!
Somehow a slice of pizza appeared on my plate and I ate it. So much for the gluten!

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