What Vegans Eat – Day 1036, Travel Edition


Breakfast: This morning’s Oatmeal was sweetened with fresh, ripe Pears and golden Raisins. Mm.
Dinner: After recording my radio show, Gary made a great late lunch or early dinner. We haven’t sat down with a home cooked meal in a while He made a Lentil, Tofu, Barley Stew with Red Peppers and Tomatoes.
There was also an Arugula, Tomato, Garbanzo Bean Salad.
For dessert my favorite, Purple Potatoes.
Evening: We both had work in the evening. Gary was staging and choreography for The Music Man and I was finishing up the last Plant-Powered & Thriving course with John and Ocean Robbins. After the last class the three of us take turns answering questions from the participants. It takes a lot of focus and burns energy. Gary and I were both hungry when we were done. We each took a bowl of the Lentil, Tofu, Barley Stew with Red Peppers and Tomatoes leftover from lunchtime.

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