What Vegans Eat – Day 1042, Travel Edition


Breakfast:We both didn’t sleep very well last night – too much going on in our heads, with The Music Man soundtrack playing 24/7 in our mind’s background. Gary’s got the dance numbers in his head and I have the measures of songs that have the harmonies. When we finally got up and moving we went to Roy’s Station for a good cup of tea. As usual, I had the Maté Chino with Steamed Soy Milk.
Lunch: And as usual, our palates are in sync. Since it’s Monday the obvious lunch choice is Tofoo Com Chay. We each got a bowl of Pho.
We also ordered the Chinese Veg Chicken Salad. Surprisingly we had no room for it. What’s happening to our bellies and our appetites? Have you noticed we are eating less these days?
Dinner: I had planned on going to rehearsal but one of the people in the quartet I would be teaching was sick. Watching me fade out from fatigue, Gary made a quick decision to cancel my rehearsal. Thank you! He went off alone to teach the choreography and I took a nap. I needed it. When I got up, I ate some of today’s leftover Salad.
Evening: After Gary got back, he wasn’t interested in having the salad. No, it was his evening Rolled Oats with all the regular toppings. I finished the Chinese Veg Chicken Salad, serving it on top of fresh Greens. Afterwards, I finished off a couple of fresh Oranges.

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