What Vegans Eat – Day 1055


Breakfast: We leave tomorrow for California to get back to directing The Music Man with Playful People Productions. That means we are clearing out the food that needs to be eaten. Gary picked up a package of gluten-free, vegan English Muffins for a fun, holiday breakfast treat. We had them with Vegan Butter and Apricot Butter – how decadent, right? We had frozen the little bits of Cheezehound vegan Cheese samples Lori Robin gave me after interviewing her in November. I remembered Lori saying not to freeze them and she was right. These cheeses are wonderful fresh, and not so wonderful after freezing. The good memory lingers.

Dinner: It’s New Year’s Eve. Sure, we had parties we could have gone to but we are staying in, to work, pack and STAY WARM. Baby, it’s cold outside! Gary made his classic Lemon Baked Tofu.

We had two big heads of Kale, so I chopped them up and sautéed them with Red Onions. The last of the potatoes became Baked French Fries. Not a lot of fresh food is left in the refrigerator now and we’ll take what’s left with us tomorrow on the plane to munch on.

Evening: It’s almost midnight and I am working feverishly on finishing up the accounting for the year. I had two laptops fired up and Gary made me a hot Teeccino with Soy Foam and Cinnamon to keep going.

Finally, with the work done and the bags packed I am ready to relax. I ordered a Maker’s Mark Manhattan with Tribuno Vermouth from my personal barrister. Here’s to 2018 everybody!


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