What Vegans Eat – Day 1063, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Rolled Oats can be beautiful. This bowl was with Strawberries, Walnuts, Pears and Soy Milk. Still, a little rough on my sore jaw to chew.

Lunch: A late lunch before our rehearsal for The Music Man started with Red Lentils and Corn Tortillas.

Gary picked up some Rice Cakes. He made a quick and easy treat with Peanut Butter and Peach Preserves, which were homemade and given to us by a cast member. I joined in the fun.

Dinner: Red Lentils are the food that I want right now, they are easy to eat with my poor jaw.

We also mixed up a Green Salad, right in its container with Tahini Dressing. We are being mindful of where we are staying and it seemed easier to toss the salad in its container rather than look for a large bowl.


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