What Vegans Eat – Day 1073, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Morning begins with sliced Oranges.

Gary made Oatmeal Apple Pie a la Mode Oatmeal with Apples and Apricots, topped with Apple Sauce and Walnuts. Can Oatmeal get any better than this?

Dinner: Gary was at rehearsal and I made myself a simple meal, the kind I love. I made a simple soup with Red Lentils, Celery and Red Onions. I cooked Maitake Mushrooms separately to add to my soup and had a couple of bowls. I also steamed some Lacinato Kale.

Evening: Gary came home with some Cauliflower Coconut Curry soup that our producer made for us. I’ll try that soon! Gary mixed my lentil soup with some of the coconut curry soup. He made some Guacamole that he ate with Corn Tortillas. I finished it up on a Rice Cracker.


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