What Vegans Eat – Day 1074, Travel Edition


Lunch: Today I was meeting my friend Susan for lunch and chat. I met Susan in junior high school and it’s always fun getting together and catching up. She picked me up and we went to Andale’s in Los Gatos, my third time there this week! Only this time, may be my last…
I wanted to eat simple so I ordered the Ensalada Mixta, with no cheese, and sides of Black Beans and Rice. It looked lovely when I got it. I filled some small bowls with the sauces that I like. Then I started in with my salad.

The worst thing that can happen to a vegan happened. After I was halfway through I took a bite and the flavor was bad, and recognizable. It was flesh, chicken or pork, I don’t know, but something I haven’t eaten in about 45 years! I spit it out and felt ill. I poked around the salad and found one other piece. Blech! I brought it back to the counter. The server was apologetic. She spoke in Spanish to the line cooks prepping the meals and had them make me another salad. I inspected it with my fork before trying it. Guess what? There was another small piece of flesh. I brought it back and told them I was done. After a few minutes, the server reimbursed me for it with a nice apology. She wasn’t sure how it happened since the meat is not near the salad materials. It requires a leap of faith to eat in any restaurant and I just lost my faith in Andale’s.
Tea Break: Susan and I went next door to Great Bear Coffee for tea. Does that sound funny? Fortunately this coffee shop had a nice tea selection and served one loose leaf tea, oolong in a pot. I got that. Susan wanted to share a treat and I wasn’t up for anything, thinking nothing was vegan. I was wrong. There were vegan pies, scones and cupcakes. Happy day. Susan ordered the vegan Cinnamon and Raisin Scone.

Snack: I felt queasy in the stomach for about 4 hours. Just before rehearsal Gary and I grabbed some Green Juices at Whole Foods. Green Juice is good for moving the toxins out. I didn’t swallow any meat but I still wanted a green juice to heal my body and soul.

At our rehearsal for The Music Man, our co-producer Katie supplied us with Bananas, yet again.
Dinner: Once back in the pool house after rehearsal I felt like eating a meal once again. I kept it clean, first with Red Lentil Soup.

I finished with a Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing.


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