What Vegans Eat – Day 1075, Travel Edition


Breakfast/Lunch: We have a big, long day ahead of us and neither of us had the time or inclination to prepare food. We left the pool house late in the morning with no breakfast for our 11am appointments at the theater. We packed a bag with Apples, Bananas, Oats, Peanuts, Kale Salad, cooked/cold Oatmeal, Oranges and Raisin. We barely touched any of it throughout the day. I had the Salad and some Orange slices.

Dinner: Of course we can’t think straight after the rehearsal ended at 5pm. It’s Saturday night, let’s do something different. For about a minute we considered driving to Palo Alto or even Santa Cruz for dinner but our hunger got the better of us and we found ourselves back at the Vegetarian House. We’ve been trying new items on the menu so that made it “different”. We both got bowls of soup. These were the small soups, not the giants pots of soup we normally get here. The soup du jour was Mushroom and it had my name all over it. It was AMAZING. Gary got the Daal and he enjoyed it.

He got his new favorite dish at the Vegetarian House called Queens, soy protein dish that’s very meaty. He tried it last week and loved it.

I splurged and ordered the Rainbow, which is the “fish”, bean curd skin wrapped in seaweed. We both tried each others dishes and decided we were having “Surf & Turf”!

Evening: Back at the pool house we had Oranges for dessert.

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