What Vegans Eat – Day 1086, Travel Edition


Breakfast: We were happy to find some bags of frozen Blueberries in the freezer section of the refrigerator in the basement where we are staying. We left them here in December. They were a welcomed topping to our morning Rolled Oats with Bananas and Soy Milk.

Lunch: With Gary out running errands and going to production meetings for the show we are directing, I did more computer work. My lunch, the other half of the Buckwheat savory crepe I got yesterday from the Crepe Bistro, was fabulous!

When Gary got back he made a giant Salad with Greens, Tofu, Tahini and Garbanzo Beans.

Daily Green Juice: Trying to get back to regular green juices in our lives. Plus I felt a need for chocolate. A nutritional need actually. Maybe I need Magnesium, who knows. I don’t have unhealthy cravings. We hit Whole Foods before rehearsal. I grabbed two juices, one by Evolution and the other by Suja. The Chocolove Bars were on sale! Two for $4. Such a deal. I bought four bars. I should have bought more.

Evening: After rehearsal, Gary cooked some Sweet Potatoes and Brown Rice. I have to confess we have been using a microwave for some light cooking since that is what is available to us. Gary picked up some precooked organic Brown Rice to microwave. It’s not ideal but we are doing the best we can! It actually was pretty good. He made a mixture of Garbanzo Beans, Rice and Tahini but I wasn’t hungry for that. I had more Salad.

I also ate a couple of Sweet Potatoes.


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