What Vegans Eat – Day 1091, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Gary is in the theater all day and night today, loading in the set, programming the light board and anything else that needs taking care of before we have our tech rehearsal and final dress rehearsal. My plan is to work at lightning speed to finish some other projects while he is away. I had Pears and a Banana for breakfast while I worked.

I created a new beverage combo that I am very pleased with. I have always loved Maté Chocolate, a mixture of Maté tea with flowers and cocoa, mixed with soy milk. Since I picked up some Cacao nibs I thought I would put them in my cup of Maté. Blending it all up in the Blendtec sounded like a good idea, but too much trouble for today. I enjoyed the little chewy bits of Cacao Nibs, just as they are in my tea.

Lunch: I finished the last of the Coconut Vegetable Soup for lunch. Thanks Katie, for giving me this soup on Saturday!

Dinner: I made a simple Arugula Salad with lots of fresh Lemon Juice, served with Apple and Avocado. I really enjoyed it. I can never get enough of Arugula.

Evening: Working and waiting for Gary to come home I ate the entire package of organic Garbanzo beans. I love them just plain.


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