What Vegans Eat – Day 1090, Travel Edition


Lunch: Sunday, our day off. Ah, do we need this day! We didn’t have any specific plans and we didn’t want to rush. We slept in and skipped breakfast. Neither of us thought about packing what we might want to wear during the performances when we had left New York. I needed some black clothes to conduct in. We drove north towards Palo Alto to shop. On the way we stopped at Veggie Garden for lunch. They served us a refreshing, small complimentary salad with a light lemony dressing.

We ordered the Veggie Chicken Salad. The “Chicken” was fried. What a treat!

We had loved the Veggie Duck the last time we were here so we ordered it. It had mushrooms in it but made in a way that Gary doesn’t mind them at all. I am proud of him!

This is the only place we know of in the Bay Area that serves a nice pile of greens. This dish was Spinach with Garlic.

Gary had Mint Tea and I got a cup of Oolong. I sipped my tea while Gary got a quick haircut next door to the restaurant. His hair is super short now and looks great.
Then we went shopping for clothes. I don’t like to shop but Gary does and he is very helpful to have around. We picked out three outfits for me that I look forward to wearing this week and next for our performances of The Music Man. I carefully read all the labels to make sure all the clothes were vegan with no silk or wool. I also picked up a pair of flat, comfortable vegan shoes since I will be standing about 3 hours for each performance. On the weekends we have two shows a day!
Dinner: For dinner I warmed up the rest of the Coconut Vegetable Soup.

Gary warmed up some tortillas. I had some with my soup.

He had Peach Jam and Peanut Butter with his.


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