What Vegans Eat – Day 1089, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Today’s rehearsal for The Music Man was the Sitzprobe. This is where the cast sits and sings with the orchestra, integrating the two before the run throughs with the musicians. Gary and I had our morning Teeccino and took off early for the theater to set up.
Lunch: We did not bring any food or set aside any time for eating. Fortunately our producers thought for us. There were lots of fruits and snacks for the cast and we each got a bottle of Green Juice. I was glad to have a little Chocolove with me, the Ginger/Dark Chocolate flavor.
Dinner: The rehearsal was a lot of fun and exhausting. My arms were worn out from four hours of conducting. It was time for a celebration. We drove to Luna Mexican Kitchen, a restaurant we had wanted to try for a while now. The wait was 45 minutes so we got our name on the list, drove the car back to the house and walked back to the restaurant. The weather is wonderful right now. It was good to walk and to breathe and relax. We started with bottles of Stella, Tortilla Chips and dips.

Our server was very nice and funny, but clueless about the vegan options. You could see that “deer in headlights” expression when I asked about the vegan fare. I decided to ask for more help at the front desk and they sent Jo over to help us. She and her husband founded this neighborhood hot spot and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. She told us they grind the corn to make fresh Masa to make tortillas from scratch. You can taste the difference. We ordered the Enchilada El Vegan topped with Cashew Crema.

And we also ordered the Chile Relleno de Calabacita. We shared both dished which is unusual for us.

We were excited to learn that they are open for breakfast at 9am every day. We’ll be back.
After walking back to the house we are staying in we were still buzzing from the great rehearsal we had today. I was wired and tired at the same time. We had some Italian Herb Chamomile tea.

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