What Vegans Eat – Day 1106, Travel Edition


Breakfast: It’s time to go. We have finished our run of The Music Man and are ready to return to New York. Getting ready for our flight tonight I am loading up on Oranges and using the Neti pot. We finished up the Rolled Oats and topped our bowls with Apples, Almonds and Soy Milk. Our morning cup of joe was Teeccino.

Lunch: We’re packing and cleaning up. While Gary went out to visit his dad and ship some of our stuff home, I recorded my It’s All About Food show, talking about courage and kindness. We had a quick lunch, eating last night’s comfort food leftovers – Mashed Potatoes with Tahini and Nutritional Yeast and Spinach, Guacamole.

Dinner: Feeling tired with a suggestion of sniffles, I used the Neti pot two more times today. I needed a brothy soup before flying on the Red Eye to New York. The Vegetarian House is closed on Tuesdays so we couldn’t get soup there. I discovered there was a Loving Hut in the Valley Fair mall and they had Pho. We loaded up the car and went there on the way to the airport. It was fabulous! A new vegan Pho discovery is always good.


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