What Vegans Eat – Day 1107


We’re home! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There’s no place like home! After unpacking I put our new Rancho Gordo beans in jars. Gary’s sister gave us five packages of Rancho Gordo Heirloom beans, grown in California.

Breakfast: We took a few hours rest, after arriving on a red eye flight. Then I made Fruity Corn Waffles. We haven’t had our waffles in so long. The recipe makes eight waffles, four servings. We usually save four waffles for the next day. Not today, we ate them all! We were in a celebratory mode and spread our waffles with vegan butter and rasperry fruit jam. It was past lunchtime when we ate but we are on our own time zone today and this was our breakfast.

Lunch: I was a zombie! I stayed in bed, reading the newspaper and magazines. Gary brought me a basket of popcorn. I’ll call that lunch!

Dinner: Our last meal of the day we had relaxing on the couch. Gary whipped up some Frozen Fruit Smoothies with a bag of frozen Raspberries and another bag of mixed Berries and Soy Milk. There is a lot to catch up on here at home – so many magazines to read, and a score to get familiar with. We’ll be directing Into The Woods in the summer.


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