What Vegans Eat – Day 1131


Breakfast: We don’t live extravagantly. We are not big consumers. We don’t make a lot of money, but what we do have we spend mostly on healthy, organic nutritious food. There are the occasional splurges. Gary had told me a while ago that he wanted to see Angels in America on Broadway. It’s a two-part play starring Nathan Lane, here for a limited run. And it’s expensive. Not only are Broadway shows outrageously priced, Angels in America is actually two plays, the first part The Millennium Approaches is 3 1/2 hours and the second, Perestroika is 3 3/4 hours! The only way we could see was to win the lottery. The Broadway Direct Lottery. I was online every night to see if there was a lottery available and in the morning at 10am I would wait to see if we were the lucky ones. Yesterday we were! We won the lottery. We were going to see Angels in America today. I had gone to bed late to finish a project I had been working on for a while. I had to in order to take the entire day off for theater! Somehow I got up early and I was wide awake. I decided to start this special day with Late Night Corn Pancakes. The secret ingredient in this recipe is Aquafaba, or bean water. I like to freeze it in small portions in an ice cube tray to use when needed. In this recipe, the Aquafaba whips up like egg whites.

When I finished the Pancakes I kept them warm in the oven and then made a big batch of Green Juice with Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots, Cabbage, Lemon and Ginger. I was on fire I had so much energy. Gary was so surprised to wake up to this breakfast. We topped the pancakes with Apricot Butter.

Dinner: Part I of Angels in America started at 1pm and let out at 4:30pm. We were drained from the powerful story and committed performances of all the fine actors in this show. We needed to refuel to be ready for the evening show. We had made plans to meet our friend Lawrence at Beyond Sushi on 56th St. There are three Beyond Sushi restaurants and this one, albeit it very small, has the best food. Gary got the Limelight Salad with Black Rice, Baby Greens, Black Beans, Charred Corn, Roasted Tomato, Avocado, Pickled Jalapeño, Sesame Seeds, Cilantro, and Kaffir Lime Chips and a Tomato Guajillo Sauce. He loved it and promised himself to get it the next time we come here.

I wanted a big soup and ordered the Red Miso Noodle Soup with Black Beans, Charred Tomato, Silken Tofu, Baby Spinach, Corn, Parsley and Glass Noodles.

We both ordered the Nutty Buddy— a Rice Paper roll with Baby Greens, Soba Noodles, Jalapeño Peanut Butter, Carrots, Cashews, Avocado, Baked Tofu, and Cilantro with a Ponzu Sauce.

The service was excellent. One of the servers tempted us with the Black Bean Sweet Potato Brownie. We got two to share. Without flour, it was lightly sweet and yummy, with a soft texture, like mashed potatoes.

We got home very late after the second performance. We had truly won the lottery, this was one of the top five shows we have ever seen. Although it was about 7 hours in total, time stood still. Gary agreed. I never thought about me, or my life or what I had to do when at home. I was immersed 100% in the story and the performances. If you can, see it!
Late Night: I was very parched when we got home and drank about three glasses of Water with Lime before going to sleep.


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