What Vegans Eat – Day 1142


Breakfast: We are back at home, tired after a busy trip. It’s raining. We need food but it’s not the best time to shop. I dig into the cupboards to see what I can find. I made Garbanzo Bean Flour Waffles with Raspberry Coulis.

Lunch: I had brought home with me a the big box of baby Kale I had purchased two days before. And I was glad I did. We could have a Salad and I needed one badly. We had an unopened jar of Artisana Tahini, and a couple of limes for dressing. Opening up a can of Garbanzo Beans, chopping an onion and tossing it all together with Sunflower Seeds made a satisfying meal. I had several bowls.

Dinner: When my dad died in November, my cousin’s daughter brought a vegan curry stew to the Shiva at my mom’s house. There was a lot leftover that I took home and put in the freezer. It was time to take it out and enjoy it. I reflected on the gift of nourishment and all that had happened in the last year.


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