What Vegans Eat – Day 1143


Breakfast: Back home in Queens, and with a car, it was time to move it to another space. We had parked it on the Thursday side of alternate side parking. We had some Teeccino before leaving the house. The plan was to drive the car to Trader Joe’s to do some food shopping, and return it when the parking restriction was over in an hour and a half. When we got to the car we saw all the other cars still there. I check the NYC311 website and discovered all parking rules were suspended for Holy Thursday! Holy Thursday indeed! We decided to leave the car there and walk to the local health food store for basics.
Lunch: All of a sudden I wanted to make Millet Croquettes. So I did! Recipe to come. They were easy and satisfied my simple craving. While I was baking the Croquettes, I cooked some dried Shiitake Mushrooms to have them on hand for the week to add to all my dishes.

Dinner: Dinner was easy. We finished up the Kale I had brought back from California and reheated the rest of the Curry Vegetable Stew.


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