What Vegans Eat – Day 1144



Lunch: Today was a day with my brother’s family and mom. Gary and I drove to mom’s and brought her to the Cheesecake Factory where we met my brother’s family for lunch. Mom had the Wellness Salad.

Gary, my brother Barry and I had the Vegan Cobb Salad. Yes, that’s correct— The Cheesecake Factor has a few vegan items on their menu!

Later back at the house we had Pineapple, Strawberries and Grapes. Mom is the fruit lady and must always have fresh fruit for her guests. Afterwards we went for a walk around the golf course. Mom complained a bit but she did it! Towards the end it started to rain and we all came back in mom’s house to dry off before heading home. I had some green tea.

Dinner: I thought we finished the Curry Stew last night, but tonight there was more and we finished it with the rest of the Millet Croquettes. Gary suggested serving them rolled in Collard Leaves with Tahini.


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