What Vegans Eat – Day 1157


Lunch: It’s the day before we leave for Costa Rica and there is still much to do. We took a walk out in the ‘hood to pick up a few last items. Gary and I both needed hiking boots and walking beach shoes. We ended up both buying the same ones! We stopped for our traditional meal before leaving on a trip at Green Zenphony. I began with the Miso soup which I know does not contain MSG. Thank you Green Zenphony!

Next I got the Triple Mushroom and Bean Dish. All for me.


Gary got his Roasted Veggie Pork Noodle Soup.
We are packed. The work is done. We are ready for our travel journey to begin. We settled in for a late meal. We combined some cooked Spaghetti Squash with the Garbanzo Bean Corn Chowder for a “noodle stew”. I also had a bowl of my homemade Sauerkraut, to give me a good supply of “bugs” for my belly before the trip.


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