What Vegans Eat – Day 1189


Breakfast: I was looking forward to this day for a long time. Gary and I were meeting Dale and Bobby. I knew Dale all of my life, my first friend. Our families lived next door in the same apartment building in Bronxville. We were meeting in Hoboken, NJ. I didn’t realize it until this morning but the last time I was in Hoboken was 20 years ago on this same day, the day that Frank Sinatra died. Gary and I had tea and saved our appetites for lunch.
Lunch: We took the NYC subway to the NJ Path train to Hoboken. It was a pretty easy trip. It was a surprisingly nice day and it was nice walking around Hoboken. Gary and I arrived first and waited outside the restaurant, Pure Pita. I was happy to see VEGAN printed on the storefront window. The menu had lots of options.

It’s always fun to visit with Dale. She lost her mom in January and my dad died in November. Despite the sadness and loss, we spent the afternoon telling stories and smiling, a lot! We all ordered our own custom bowls. Mine had Arugula, Roasted Vegetables, Cucumber, Tomatoes and a Red Pepper Vinaigrette.

Gary got Falafel with his Bowl, along with Cucumber, Tomatoes, Olives, Avocado, Lettuce and Tahini.

Here’s Bobby’s bowl with Golden Raisins and Roasted Vegetables.

Old friends… Let’s do this again soon!

When we left the restaurant, Gary and I walked over to Sinatra Park along the Hudson and walked a bit down Sinatra Drive. It was stunning with great views of the Manhattan skyline.
Dinner: After Hoboken we spent the rest of the day in Manhattan, visiting the New York Library for Performing Arts and the Aveda store (for vegan makeup). We were going to dine at Beyond Sushi and maybe see a movie but I lost a contact lens! It was windy and stuff got in my eye and when I popped out the gas permeable lens it flew away. Boo hoo. We went home instead. I got motivated to make dinner for Gary. I wanted him to try my new Pumpkin Seed Crusted Tofu recipe, which I served with Purple Sweet Potato Toast, Avocado and Salad. I am thrilled with this recipe! It’s really good. I will post it soon.


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