What Vegans Eat – Day 1204


Breakfast: We were both very hungry by the time we decided to eat. It was noon. I made a pot of Steel Cut Oats with Raisins, Apples and Cinnamon and we ate out on the terrace where everything tastes better. The cereal was topped with Flax Seeds and Berries.

Lunch: I was getting ready for my radio show with guests Carol Adams and Marty Krutolow. I knew I had to eat before talking about today’s show subject, Burgers. I made a quick sauté with Tofu, Cauliflower, Carrots, Celery and Peas, seasoned with dry herbs and Onion Power, Turmeric and Black Pepper. It was surprisingly good and satisfying.

It was a long day. I am part of the Food Revolution Network Power Hour Expert Series this year. Today’s featured guest was my favorite doctor, Joel Fuhrman. I was fielding questions behind the scenes. There are two more in this series and I am one of the experts. Register now!
Dinner: After the Power Hour Series I made us simple smoothies with Frozen Strawberries, Frozen Bananas, Soy Milk, Water and Vanilla Extract.


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