What Vegans Eat – Day 1205


Breakfast: Don’t tell anybody! We had doughnuts for breakfast! They were vegan doughnuts, from Dun-Well that we bought a couple of days ago for Gary’s birthday. We rarely eat sugary foods like this and never for breakfast. Today was different. We are still in a birthday celebratory mood and Gary is leaving for California today. I will join him in a few weeks when we will begin directing Into the Woods in San Jose. After the doughnuts we each had a leftover Steel Cut Oats and Millet Waffle that I made the other day.

Lunch: After taking a long walk, to burn off the doughnut sugar we came home. We were going to stop at Green Zenphony but it was too early for lunch and we weren’t hungry. I started thinking about what to make for lunch at home and created a new savory sauce, Thaimeric Tomato Sauce.

We had made a lot of food last night, Rancho Gordo Heirloom Lima Beans, Steamed Collard Greens, our Whole Grain Rices (red, black and brown) and Millet blend. We weren’t really hungry or in the mood for it so it came in handy for lunch. We set it out on the terrace along with Black Olives and my new sauce.

Here’s Gary’s bowl.

And here’s mine.

Dinner: Gary was on his way to California and I got busy attacking my very long to-do list. I made a quick treat for dinner, Frozen Blueberries, Soy Milk, Water, Cocoa Powder and Almond Extract. You will not believe how delicious it was.

Evening: Later, missing Gary a lot and watching the trajectory of his flight, I made myself some comfort food, toasted English Muffins (gluten-free and vegan) with Vegan Butter and Nutritional Yeast.


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