What Vegans Eat – Day 1225


Breakfast: Travel Day is here! I am flying tonight to San Jose, CA. But there are a few things that need to happen before I go, like pre-record my radio show. First, a hearty breakfast that will keep me for many hours. I made Breakfast Polenta, adding in a few extra items like Cinnamon, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Coconut and Raisins. I topped it with frozen Raspberries and ground Flax Seeds.

Lunch: I couldn’t believe how hungry I was when I got to the airport. I didn’t have a lot of time and there weren’t many options. I wanted something savory not sweet, so Jamba Juice was not an option. There was a place called Loft right across from my gate. The menu advertised a Mediterranean Wrap that had Veggies, Hummus and no cheese. I could do that. I went in and it had this high-tech, efficient look with iPads on every table. I walked to the bar with a human behind it to ask my questions. The person practically grunted the answer to me. I was told I had to order on the iPad. I did. Then I waited. So the service is terrible at this place. It’s what Gary explained to me as “fuck-you service” that used to be hip a few decades ago. No one wants to assist you or offer and service. After about 5 minutes I realized boarding was about to start. I went over to the chef’s station where most of the staff congregated, doing nothing. I tried to get their attention and one of them reluctantly turned my way. She explained that there was only one chef and it was busy and it would take 15-20 minutes to prepare my wrap. Now I appreciate a restaurant that takes its time to prepare fresh food. But this was at an airport, by the gates, not even in the food court. Who sits down for a long meals here? Plus, what are all the iPads for? Certainly not efficiency. I asked to canceled my meal. Then I rushed to board my plane.

While waiting to board, I ate the handful of almonds I brought with me from home.

Once on the plane, I knew I would order the Mediterranean Salad Shaker. Maybe I would get two. It’s vegan and the last time I had a JetBlue salad it was good. When the flight attendant came down the isle selling headphones and pillows (remember when they were free?) the person next to me ordered that salad. I asked for one too and was told she got the last one. None for me. How many did they board on the plane? One? Frustrated I ordered the AmpUp box that comes with Almonds, Olives, a Fruit Bar, a Crispy Rice Bar, Hummus and Crackers. It’s vegan and gluten-free. It helped.

Dinner: Gary greeted me at the airport. He came from rehearsal. When I got to his sister’s house where we are staying, he showed me all the things he had in the refrigerator for me. How nice to see all my friends there, especially after clearing out the refrigerator at home.

Then we sat down to eat. There was homemade Hummus with Mary’s Gone Crackers, Baked Tofu and Purple Sweet Potatoes served with Evolution Organic Green Juice.


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