What Vegans Eat – Day 123 (Special Travel Edition)


Breakfast: We are coming to the end of the bag of rolled oats as well as soy milk and will need to shop soon. Still we had another delicious bowl of oats with fruit and nuts along with Kukicha Tea.
Lunch: We have some favorite food establishments that we always go to while here in the South Bay and Tofoo Com Chay is one of them. We typically order big bowls of vegan Pho. While we wait for the soup, we get this beautiful plate of sprouts, jalepeno peppers, lime and basil to add as a garnish.
Gary got the Yellow Noodle Soup. I love the faux meats and shrimp that are part of these dishes.
I always get the Pho. Every mouthful is amazing. Good ’til the last drop. And then I am so full.
Normally I have a green juice every day. But since we are away from home and have not yet picked up a juicer that Gary’s cousin wants to lend us, I have decided that it’s okay not to have a green juice every day. We splurged and had green smoothies instead from Whole Foods. We sat at one of the tables in the store where an elderly man was sitting. I recognized him from the last time we went to Whole Foods here here in California, about 6 months ago. Did he live there? He seem a bit out of it and his hands shook. We started talking and we were pleasantly surprised with his depth of knowledge regarding the arts. We discussed Chekhov, Strindberg and Ibsen along with some opera and great opera singers, touching on the operas of Faust and Thaïs. We had nutritious conversation to go with our green smoothies.
Dinner: The day before I had “stuffed Dharma Belly,” a belly full of food from Dharma’s restaurant that lasted all day long. This evening I had the “stuffed Tofoo Com Chay Belly” filled with that big bowl of Pho. We went to dinner with Gary’s brother and sister-in-law at The Wine Cellar in Los Gatos. I didn’t want to eat much and I chose the Grilled Artichoke appetizer, sans Sweet Basil and Roasted Yellow Pepper Aioli. There were two gooey, seasoned, marinated Artichoke halves served over mixed Greens. What I love about artichokes it that they take forever to eat them and you end up not eating much at all. It’s a very social food!

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