What Vegans Eat – Day 127 (Special Travel Edition)


Breakfast: The special feature in this morning’s breakfast with rolled oats is mango. I love mango and yet, mango brings up many issues for me, some positive, some not so. Like its connection with nuclear technology and what we have to do to fruit that’s imported. (I discuss these issues in a little more detail in this week’s IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD, in Part II of the program. I dream of the times I’ve been to Costa Rica when mangoes are in season and dropping everywhere to be enjoyed in abundance.

Lunch: Session 5 of Plant-Powered & Thriving was to take place this evening. I needed to be fueled before driving over the hill to Santa Cruz. We were planning to give an extra long, fully-loaded class. I ate the remaining leftover steamed kale from the night before.
I needed more. More food! More greens! Gary made me my new favorite salad: Greens with plain tofu tossed with apple cider vinegar.
There was little or no traffic and I arrived early. I headed over to Whole Foods in Aptos where I knew I could relax with free WiFi. Once there, I could not resist going inside. This particular section caught my eye and filled my heart with joy and hope. May all the meats and cheese of the future be made from plants. This is the beginning of a new age.
Snack: Before starting our Plant-Powered & Thriving course, Deo Robbins offered me a refreshingly delicious, fresh lemon mint ice tea and Ocean gave me a perfectly ripened apricot. These simple delights exploded in fragrant perfection.

Dinner: Gary and his brother’s family had already eaten dinner by the time I arrived back to the house. They had left me some gorgeous sautéed asparagus and roasted potatoes.

Evening: Okay, I could not resist buying something at Whole Foods. I bought several bars of Chocolove. We sampled the Cherry Almond bar with some Teeccino.

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