What Vegans Eat – Day 1272, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Breakfast: It’s the last midnight… those are the words in one of the songs from Into the Woods. After performing our last two shows today, it will be our last midnight here. We leave tomorrow evening for NY. Another chapter will close. A good chapter! As teaching artists, Gary and I have spent almost two months with our teen and adult cast, teaching music, acting and sharing life stories. Gary was off to do our last laundry and I stayed in to relax before conducting two shows. I ate the remaining Cantaloupe and prepared bowls of Soaked Oats with Apples, Raisins, Cacao Nibs and Soy Milk for when we’d be hungry. I picked two Tangelos from the tree by the house we are staying in, peeled them and put them in a container too.
Lunch: Before the 2pm show, Gary and I had a moment to share the bowls I had prepped this morning.

Dinner: With exercise brings hunger! Toward the end of the matinee performance my body was distracting me with thoughts of eating. This was the Adult Cast’s final performance. It was fun and the audience was great. I ran out when it was done to Veggie Grill. I ordered a Summer Celebration Salad for me, topped with their Crab Cake. It comes with Bbq Grilled Tofu, Purple Potato Salad, Summer Quinoa Blend, Fire-roasted Corn+Tomato Salad, Baby Lettuce with Yogurt Ranch Dressing (vegan, of course). I got a Buffalo Bomber Sandwich for Gary with Crispy Chickin’ tossed with spicy Buffalo Sauce, Tomato, Red Onion, Lettuce, and Creamy Ranch Dressing on a Wheat Roll — all 100% vegan, of course. I ate some in the parking lot by the restaurant and then finished up in the parking lot of the theater. There wasn’t much time. I didn’t want to be late and I didn’t want any one to worry that I was not nearby. Fortunately, this meal kept me fueled and satisfied for the rest of the night.

Evening: It’s done. The last midnight is here. We have completed what we set out to do and we did it well. The Teen Cast had a fine final performance. We said our goodbyes, gave a lot of hugs and helped to strike the set. I spent a long while erasing the pencil marks in my scores before returning them to the publisher. Once back at the apartment we have been staying in, we relaxed, for a moment, drinking Gary’s favorite beer, organic Pinkus, while reading the messages our casts wrote us on a big poster. Then we got to packing. Tomorrow we leave.


Will we find each other in the woods again?
This was just a moment in the woods, our moment, shimmering and lovely and sad.
Leave the moment, just be glad, for the moment, that we had.
Ev’ry moment is a moment, when you’re in the Woods.

– Stephen Sondheim, Into the Woods


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