What Vegans Eat – Day 1277


Breakfast: The secret in this hot and humid weather is to stay hydrated. We’ve been drinking a lot of water since we got home, and eating less. I like to put something in my water, like lemon. Somehow it makes the water seem wetter and more hydrating. I brought a couple of lemons back with me from California. I had an idea to add one of the Pineapple cores to the water too. It’s delicous!

Lunch: Gary made a pot of Steel Cuts Oats and it sat in the pot for a while. I took a bowl in the afternoon when I got hungry.

A little later I had some fresh Figs.

Dinner: I am glad we had some Kale Salad left from yesterday. I am still weary from traveling and not up for cooking in the heat.

Gary was at a rehearsal for a new play he is in called Sign of the Times. When he got home he was hungry. We ate Peanut Butter with Celery!

Gary finished up the remaining Steel Cut Oats he had made earlier in the day and I ate the leftover Sweet Potatoes.


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