What Vegans Eat – Day 1280


Breakfast: Gary made us a version of his special brunch, using some of the leftovers in the refrigerator including the whole grain blend and collard greens cooked together in an herbed garbanzo bean flour batter with Teeccino topped with frothy Soy Milk Foam.

Lunch: I had plans to meet with my friend Rae in Brooklyn. She’s living in Paris working on her performance career. When she comes home it’s time to catch up. After an hour or two of conversation over ice water we ventured out to the Punch Line Juice Bar. It’s all vegan!

I ordered the Black Bean Burger and a Green Juice. Everything tastes like home cooking here, all made from scratch.

Dinner: When I got home, I got some REAL home cooking, with marinated Tempeh made with Olives and dried Apricots.

Gary made it along with some roasted Cabbage.

Of course there were Baked Fries too.

We finished up our meal with some fresh Figs.

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