What Vegans Eat – Day 1282


Breakfast: It’s hot out and in. We don’t use air conditioning unless it’s really unbearable. We are actually doing quite well with the heat and humidity. And it’s nice to have breakfast outdoors on these kind of days. We finished up some Steel Cut Oats we had in the refrigerator. It’s like pudding.

Lunch: Gary’s great dinner from two nights ago keeps us nourished for a few days. We had some for lunch: Marinated Tempeh, Roasted Cabbage and Baked Fries.

Dinner: I was being interviewed by the Juice Guru and Gary was out at a rehearsal. I made myself a cool Green Smoothie.

Evening: It was late when Gary got back. As we sat and chatted about the day we ate. I took a bowl of Adzuki Beans topped with Nutritional Yeast.

I was inspired to retune a recipe for Zucchini Patties. I made three varieties and cooked some in a frying pan and baked the rest. Here are the ones from the frying pan. I have not perfected them yet.

These were the baked patties. They all tasted good, the key is perfecting the texture so that they don’t fall apart and are easy to flip.

I had cold brewed two teas – Peppermint and Vanilla Rooisbos. We each had a glass.


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