What Vegans Eat – Day 1293


Lunch: Today was the official Hartglass Family reunion. Hartglass is not a popular name so if you have a relative with the Hartglass name, we are related. When I was very young we went to several Hartglass Family Circle events. I remember running around a big social hall with lots of old people around me. My sister brought it back to life 50 years later, hosting a gorgeous event at Candle Cafe West a few years ago. Another cousin decided to organize one. It’s a hard thing to do to find a place and date that will work for most of the group. She picked the Sakura Grill and Supreme Buffet in New Jersey, saying there would be something for everyone. We drove through lots of traffic and it took about 90 minutes to get there. It was nice to see my brother and his family, my mom celebrating her 85th birthday, my sister and her son and many first, second, and third cousins along with their families. The food however was kind of scary. There were 8 large buffet stations, a sushi bar and a Hibachi bar. The servers did not speak English very well and it was impossible to find out what was in any of the dishes.

We opted going with “see” food, the food where we could see the ingredients, Salad Greens and Fruits.

We also had the sushi chef make Kappa Maki, Cucumber Rolls.

I bought a Vegan Cake the day before and presented it to my mom for her birthday.

Dinner: After the long drive to my mom’s house, I was craving Eggplant and Tomato Sauce. I knew Three Brothers Pizza Restaurant was nearby in Farmingdale and they have a complete vegan menu by Chef Jay Astafa. Gary and I went and had an unforgettable dinner. It started with delicious Salads.

I ordered the Eggplant Rollantini opting out of the Daiya Mozzarella on top. It had Tofu Cashew Cheese inside. It was so filling, I only ate about a third and my craving was satisfied. More for tomorrow!

Gary had the Tofu Parmesan. I will get that sometime when we return. It was so good.

We ordered a cannoli to take home with us to keep the party going.
Evening: Once back at home, we had Teeccino and shared the Cannoli. It was fun to have, but not so very good. We have a gluten-free Cannoli recipe that I like a lot more. Have you tried it?


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