What Vegans Eat – Day 1308


Breakfast: Working, working, working. All I do is work lately! I want to finish a project by Wednesday and to do that I have to invest most of my day today and tomorrow. Gary had acting class. I sat by my computer and ate the rest of the Oatmeal he left for me plus a couple of small Pears.

Dinner: Hallelujah! We are having Kale Salad. It seems like we haven’t had one of these in ages and it is normally a staple. We were both pretty quiet while eating since we were craving it. I enjoyed every chew.

Will the Millet and Black Bean Corn Stew ever come to an end? We had it again for dinner with some chopped Kale added in.

Evening: Gary carved up a Cantaloupe that we devoured while watching a movie.

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