What Vegans Eat – Day 1316


Breakfast: I was in the mood to cook up something special this morning. Since I am eating more beans in the morning I thought Garbanzo Bean flour would work. I started making Socca. I put out Black Beans, chopped Red Onions, Avocado and Gary made a quick Tahini Sauce. I put candles on the table too! Gary likes sweet foods in the morning and he put Bananas and Tahini on his first crepe. I went with the savory first. Then we switched for our second crepes, with Gary going for the Beans and me for the Bananas.

Dinner: We had a hearty macrobiotic-style plate with Millet, Sweet Potatoes, Greens with Onions and a “cheesy” Black Bean Sauce mixed with White Miso.

Evening: Settling in for the evening, we had Bananas and I finished up my Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout.


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