What Vegans Eat – Day 1318


Breakfast: Gary made a pot of Oatmeal this morning with Apples and Raisins. I got the Cinnamon Stick in mine.

Lunch: I took a visit to my mom’s house. She wanted to eat at the Clubhouse in her complex. They had a few different salad options on the menu so I requested making me one combing some of the ingredients from the Cobb and Greek Salads leaving off the cheeses, eggs and meat. The result was beautiful and very tasty.

Dinner: Gary served up a big Kale Salad with Black Olives and Red Onions. I think this is my favorite dish in the whole world! We hadn’t had a Kale Salad for a while and we both sat quietly and enjoyed every bite. I couldn’t help but think how delicious each bite was. Afterwards we had a mix of cooked Red Rice and Black Rice plus a small bowl of Red Lentils.


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