What Vegans Eat – Day 1322


Breakfast: I’ve been called to serve, called to serve as a juror for federal criminal court. It’s the second week of the call-in period and today I have to report in at 12:30pm. Gary went off to his acting class. I made a breakfast to hold me until 6pm, a soup made of our precooked Whole Grain Blend, Red Lentils, Mushrooms and lots of spices.

Dinner: I was selected to serve as an alternate on a jury. I have always wanted to experience being a juror and was never selected before. Here we go. Gary and I met at Green Zenphony after my long day at the Brooklyn Court House. He had his new regular favorite, the Bean Curd Platter Supreme.

I ordered the sizzling Mushroom Steak. It was tasty but I was disappointed. I thought I was going to get real Portobello Mushrooms as my “steak”. That’s what it looked like in the photo and the description. Instead I got the “meat” they use in a number of dishes. I love it but I wanted something less-processed. I ate it anyway and enjoyed it. But next time I am there I will have to ask more questions about what I am getting.


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