What Vegans Eat – Day 135 (Special Travel Edition)


Breakfast: It’s the breakfast that comes together quickly whether you are in a hurry or not. Once you have the routine down, it practically makes itself. I was meeting my friend Ann for a walk on the Los Gatos Creek trail. We had our oatmeal and Gary dropped me off near the trail before going off to do his projects for the day.
Snack: After a long, lovely walk, Ann treated me to a double shot of wheatgrass at Jamba Juice.
Lunch: Once back at the pool house I put together a salad with Lacinato and Red Kale, bell peppers, avocado and kukitcha tea.
Fresh strawberries followed. They are in season now and relatively inexpensive. What a treat!
Dinner: This was simple, delicious, satisfying and what I was craving. I opened a container of chick peas, mixed up some tahini dressing, cut up some bell peppers and celery stalks and had a feast.

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