What Vegans Eat – Day 1357


Breakfast: We were leaving John and Deo’s home this morning. Deo prepared a large Berry Smoothie for us to go. I took it along with the message at the entrance of their home, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. It’s a good thing to think about while sipping.

Gary and I had a meeting in Los Gatos with Playful People Productions co-founder to talk about upcoming projects. We met at Great Bear Coffee. I like it there because they offer a few loose teas that they will brew in a pot for you, rather than using a tea bag. I had Jasmine.

Lunch: With the concert over yesterday, and our morning meeting finished we were ready for a relaxing lunch at the Vegetarian House before heading home to NY tomorrow. When we arrived at the restaurant I got a called from my mother. She had been scammed and tricked into giving her credit card for fraudulent services. We ordered quickly as I got my computer up and running. I worked to shut down her financial accounts while we ate. It was intense. It was hard to read the menu and decide while working on the computer. The entire staff is always so wonderful to us, they were very understanding. We started with the Heavenly Salad, an easy choice. I took notice of every bite I ate, it was so delicious.

Then we had the Guru’s Curry (An exotic blend of curries, soy protein, potato, tomato, peas, onion & spices in a rich curry with green cardamom, cumin & cloves) and the Queens Joy (Soy protein with onions & garlic pan fried in our house special sauce).

Dinner: I felt violated all day after taking care of mom’s accounts. We decided to see A Star is Born for some entertaining distraction. We stopped at Andalé for a snack of Guacamole, Salsa and Tortilla Chips first. It was quite decadent and too salty!


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