What Vegans Eat – Day 1360


Breakfast: When we were in California I had tried to make Buckwheat Crepes for our friends John and Deo. Deo only had toasted Buckwheat Groats and I quickly learned they would not work! When at home I make a Buckwheat Flour from raw Buckwheat, not toasted and it makes all the difference. I couldn’t wait to make some when we got home.

We had a beautiful breakfast, celebrating being back home. The Buckwheat Crepes had sweet and savory fillings: Apricot Butter, Avocado, Home Fries, yesterday’s No-Egg Omelette, Mushrooms, Cheesy Lentil Sauce and Pink Grapefruits.

I started with savory ingredients, Gary began with sweet. Then we switched for the second crepes.

Lunch: You may remember that Gary made a fresh Apple Sauce before we left of California. We froze it before leaving and today we had it, defrosted, for an afternoon snack with Pineapple.

Dinner: Gary whipped up a Red Lentil Soup for dinner.

After the soup we finished up the No-Egg Omelette and had some super sweet Yellow Sweet Potatoes and a Kale Salad.


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