What Vegans Eat – Day 1364


Breakfast: Gary had his acting class today. I used the time alone to prerecord my radio show for tomorrow, Election Day where I will be working at the polls from 5am to 10pm. When I got hungry I ate the remaining Potatoes and Spinach from last night’s late meal.

I was hungry a about an hour later and I grabbed one of the leftover Garbanzo Bean Flour Waffles from yesterday and topped it with the Blueberry Banana Compote and added a cup of fresh Pineapple.

Dinner: Gary’s been doing a lot more of the cooking lately and I wanted to make something nice for him. As I chopped vegetables in the kitchen I began to create a recipe in my head. I made a savory Vegetable Pie, starting with a savory gluten-free pie crust. Then I sautéed Red Onions, Zucchini and Red Bell Peppers with Herbes de Provence and filled the pie crust.

Next I blended Tofu with cooked Carrots and some spices and spread it on the cooked vegetables and baked it. Voila!

It came out just the way I imagined it would. And there will be leftovers for tomorrow!

We had fresh Pineapple for dessert.


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