What Vegans Eat – Day 1365


Breakfast: Today is Election Day and I am working as a table inspector at our local polling site. I got up at 4am and reported to work at 5am. Gary prepared a container of Soaked Oats with Blueberries, Pears, Flax Seeds for me to take when I was ready to eat. I prepared a bottle of Chai Tea to bring along. There was a long line of people waiting to vote at 6am when the doors opened. The people kept coming and we were so busy giving them ballots and explaining them. I didn’t get a break until around 10:30am when I was so ready to eat. I went into the lobby area and sat at a table and someone freelancing for WBAI came over to interview me about the work we were doing.
Lunch: I got another break at about 2:15pm. I walked home and Gary had prepared a feast. It felt like Thanksgiving. I was exhausted from not enough sleep, hungry and thirsty. He had warmed up the Vegetable Pie I made yesterday and baked some Tofu and Sweet Potatoes. Plus he cooked a Cauliflower with Sun dried Tomatoes and a Tahini Glaze. It was amazing!

He also made a Cabbage Slaw that had a nice blend of flavors. He added Caraway Seeds which gave a tasty dimension. After stuffing myself I was ready to go back to the polling site.

Dinner: I wasn’t able to leave the polling site until after 10:30pm! What a long day. I was proud to be a part of the election process> There were long lines all day and evening, and everyone was patient and calm. There were problems all throughout the day including scanners breaking down and individuals with requests that required special attention when the lines seemed to be the longest. We treated everyone with dignity and respect and got the job done. I am flying to Houston tomorrow and had to pack my suitcase when I got home. At about midnight we sat down for a late night snack of Vegetable Pie.


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