What Vegans Eat – Day 1378


Breakfast: It’s Monday before Thanksgiving. Gary has a rehearsal and I am meeting my friend Nancy in Manhattan to look at tile for her new kitchen. I grabbed a yellow Apple and ate it walking to the subway.
Lunch: Gary met us at one of the tile stores and we all went to a place called Hummus & Pita, Co. for lunch. It’s a fast-paced, order-at-the-counter eatery. We were all hungry and ready to eat. There are lots of options to create your own meal. I had a Vegetarian Bowl with Mushroom Hummus, Israeli Salad, Corn Salad and Moroccan Beans. Everything was delicious, but salty and oily. We would feel it later.

Dinner:. After lunch we went to a shiva to mourn the passing of my old friend Bob‘s mother. We picked up a Fig and Almond Cake (just figs and almonds, no flour), Walnut and Date Cake (just walnuts and dates), some Treeline Vegan Cheese, Black Rice Crackers and Green Grapes and added these items to the food table for the mourners and their guests. Afterwards Gary and I ripped through Whole Foods at Columbus Circle, getting everything we would need to Thanksgiving. We start cooking tomorrow.
Evening:. After our salty, oily lunch, I was very thirsty and Gary said he had a sour stomach. We skipped dinner and just drank lots of water. A little later we ate Apples.

Still needing hydration, we had Oranges.

I had soaked some Pinto beans over 24 hours and cooked them tonight. When they were done I tasted them They were so delicious we both took a small bowl of them. I can’t say enough about quality, organic beans that are soaked and cooked at home. They are some of the most delicious foods I have ever eaten.


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