What Vegans Eat – Day 1393


Breakfast: We are staying at Gary’s 93-year-old dad’s house during this quick trip. The first thing we needed to do when we got up in the morning was to search for food. We decided to treat ourselves to crepes at the Crepes Bistro. They have an attractive water dispenser with Cucumber, Oranges and Strawberries adding a delicate, fresh flavor.

We each got the Green Delight with Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale, Ginger and Lemon.

The menu has many options and perhaps one day I will try the breakfast items, the salads and the bowls. But when at the Crepes Bistro, I want a crepe. Gary ordered the Avocado Crepe and I went with the Garden Crepe with Vegan Pesto.

Tea Break: I have a concert to sing on Friday and I was meeting with the pianist for the first 2-hour rehearsal. Gary and I stopped at Peet’s for a tea first. I ordered Genmaicha tea. I pronounce it with a hard “G” after verifying the pronunciation some time ago. The young woman behind the counter was arrogantly showing me I was mispronouncing it by repeating my tea request with a soft “G”. She thought she knew how to pronounce it but she didn’t. She also didn’t know how to brew it. This tea was very bitter. So was I!

Snack: Rehearsal was a major workout. I loved it. The pianist is excellent and I love the program of songs I am singing. Now it was time to chill with some Press Juicery Freezes! Gary had Vanilla and Chocolate and I had the Strawberry and Matcha.

Dinner: Gary had done a bit of food shopping. We headed back to his dad’s house and made a big Salad with Tahini/Lime/Aquafaba Dressing, Garnanzo Beans, Tomatoes, Walnuts, and Avocados. We were stuffed.

It’s Chanukah and we’ve been lighting the menorah in a different place every night. Tonight we went to the cousins, Nancy and Wade’s house to light them. They put out a spread of snacks – Apples, Grapes, Dates, Popcorn, Guacamole, Cashew Cheese Spread, Corn Chips and Mary’s Crackers. It takes about an hour for the candles to burn down, so we watched and chatted and snacked away the time.


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