What Vegans Eat – Day 1394


Breakfast: This morning we had a brunch meeting with the co-founder of Playful People Productions. I am giving a concert this Friday as a fundraiser for the organization and Gary is the MC. We talked about event details at Luna. They make their own tortilla chips here and you can taste the difference.

They had a great brunch, with lots of vegan options. I got the Vegan Burrito Bowl

Gary ordered basically the same dish wrapped in a tortilla but it didn’t look as good.

Lunch: My next appointment was with my very dear friend Nancy in San Francisco. I took Caltrain and she met me. Then we looked for a restaurant to spend the next two hours before she would put me on a train back to San Jose. We stopped at a few places that were closed or already closed until dinner time. Finally we found a little Mexican Food place. I got a couple of Kale Tacos. They were beautiful.

Evening: The train ride home was a disaster. Apparently there was a suicide I learned later. The train was delayed and then waited a very long time at every stop. I arrived about 90 minutes late. Gary and I had a lot to do tonight too. He picked me up and we went to his sister’s house who was out of town with her husband. Their home is near the theater where the concert will be and it was thoughtful of her to let us work there. She even left us some Butter Lettuce in a salad spinner, all washed and spun and ready to be devoured. I made a Tahini and Lime Dressing and steamed Maitake Mushrooms.

Gary made a new batch of Baked Tofu marinated in White Wine, Mustard, Tahini, Herbs and Spices. He is a master at Baked Tofu.


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