What Vegans Eat – Day 1405


Breakfast: It’s the annual cookie party day! This party hosted by the Walsh family in Manhattan has been going on for years. Too often we can’t make it but this year we can. I got started making a version of this raw cookie recipe, using vanilla instead of lemon. Then we sat down and had Steel Cut Oats and Millet waffles, topped with a decadent Cashew Date spread that was leftover from the cookie making. Life is so sweet!

We got to the cookie party towards the end. We did not intend to eat the cookies that were there to share simply because we are avoiding white sugar and refined flour as much as possible these day. We would have liked to have seen some of the art but most cookies had been devoured when we got there. Vegans can mow.

Our cookies didn’t last long either.
Dinner: Back home from the party Gary cut up some Celery and Carrot sticks and made a quick Sunflower/Miso/ Tahini Dip. It doesn’t look like much but it’s a lot of fun to sit and munch and dip and chat.

Next up was Red Lentil Vegetable Soup.

I was getting full and we had more food coming out – Steamed Broccoli and Purple Sweet Potatoes. The nice thing is what we don’t eat, we will enjoy tomorrow, already to go.


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